Hello there!

I'm Fazeela, someone who's short, and enjoys working with colors.

I'm currently a third year undergraduate at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, focusing on the subjects Computer Science and Mathematics for my Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree.
My dream career happens to lie in the areas of UI/UX Design, Product Design and Front-End Development.

Let me share some of my traits as to who I am and what I can do:

Thriving in different cultural and social settings.

Thanks to the fact that I've been raised in an multi-cultural environment I'm a fluent communicator in just about any language used within the country, and I get along with people quite easily.

Ability to learn completely new things.

One of my quite consistent leisurely activities since long has been learning foreign languages. Teaching myself solely through online resources, I think is a very fitting example for how far I can push myself when it comes to what I love to do and my capability to educate myself and absorb concepts that are completely new to me, without assistance or supervision.
I think that is an absolutely beneficial trait for someone in the ever changing industry of information technology to have.

Ability to multi-task.

Something I'm not so guilty of, is my tendency to start several tasks at once or do so during the progression of another, so that I don’t get bored dedicating my focus on a single thing for a long period of time.
This usually divides my attention, but the distraction is rather therapeutic to me.


Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (2017 - )
Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Phy.)
(Mathematics and Computer Science)

What follows is an overview of the courses drawn from the above disciplines that I have been following during my time in university up to now.

MathematicsComputer Science
Linear AlgebraPrinciples of Program Design
Differetial EquationsDatabase Management Systems
Real AnalysisObject Oriented Programming
Mathematical MethodsComputer Programming
Probability and StatisticsDigital Logic Design
Mathematical ModellingSystem Analysis and Design
Complex CalculusWeb Design
Linear ProgrammingComputer Graphics and Image Processing
Regression AnalysisData Structures and Algorithms
Graph TheorySoftware Engineering
Applied StatisticsData Communication and Networks
Information Security

St. Paul's Girls School, Milagiriya.
(2007 - 2015)

GCE Advanced Level (Phy.) - 2015

Combined MathematicsC
General EnglishA
General Information TechnologyA

GCE Ordinary Level - 2012

Information & Communication TechnologyA
Appreciation of English Literary TextsA
Business and Accounting StudiesA

Skills & Experience

These are some of the tools and technologies that I've tried and have hands on experience using.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap jQuery
ReactJS AngularJS SVG Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
PHP MySQL C Java C++
C# Python OpenCV Visual C# Microsoft Office

Please check out the following profile links for demonstrations/blog articles.

Volunteering Experience

As a university student, I've had the opportunity to be in positions that are responsible yet fulfilling and at the same time, helped me sharpen up my skills, learn to apply knowledge and skills into practice and discover my true potential.

Content Leader - GGSLK

Starting out as a technical writer, joining the team behind the tech blog GGSLK was a significant milestone in my volunteering life, because it happened to be my first ever volunteering experience.
The task I had at my hand at the outset as a writer was writing articles in English and Sinhala languages on current trends, changes and improvements in the IT industry, technological innovations as well as tech-events that took place in the locality that I attended.
Meanwhile I could also take part in revising submitted articles and publishing them, writing English Language scripts for videos in the GGSLK Media YouTube channel as well as to join in the reviewing process of initial articles that are submitted by new applicants for volunteer positions as writers.

Moments out of my time as a volunteer:

Download My CV

If you think that I'm fit for the position that you have vacant in your team or that I can contribute to your project to get it nearer where you want to take it, I can provide a concise document with which you can have an even better idea of who I am as a professional.

Contact Me

Want to get to know me better? Or we can talk about what YOU do and what YOUr plans are, and what's more, I might even be able to contribute with what I'm amazing at, to get you one step closer to where you are headed toward :)